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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Of Roots, Shoes and Rhymes Book Signing Photos

With a sweet friend like this at my side, It just doesn’t get any better at a first book signing.

“For me he made each day so bright, a truly little sweet delight!
A shooting star from up above who trailed to earth to share his love.
And now he’ll always be a part of me and forever I will see
His sweet face, filled with joy, this little special boy.”

A little help from my friend!

My First Book Signing Was AWESOME!

I wanted to thank the more than 65+ family, friends & fans who came to the Book Signing and Artist’s Reception last evening. It was an absolutely beautiful night and a joy to be a part of. An author has only ONE “first book signing” and each of you made that evening one that I will treasure in my heart forever. Thank you so much!