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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Remembering my Dad, Edward Noah Gillmore

I found this picture of my dad, Edward Noah Gillmore, while searching through some boxes the other night. He was adopted by my Grandpa and Grandma Gillmore when he was about 2 years old. Grandma and Grandpa found him and his two older brothers abandoned inside their Illinois farm home. They adopted my dad but his brothers were sent to an orphanage at Whitehall. They could only afford to care for one child and so they took the youngest. Such a sad story but with a happy ending for my dad. I always wondered what happened to his brothers…if he ever saw them again. My dad died when I was very young but I still remember him. It’s amazing to look into his face and see so many of my facial features…smiling back through time at me. I’m so glad I found this picture and grateful for the neighbor all those years ago who shared the adoption story with me.

Remembering my Dad, Edward Noah Gillmore

“As ageless winds gently sweep the passing of time and season,
You’ll feel my touch upon your face and know beyond all reason,
That every life, yours and mine, becomes a unique entwined endeavor.
Leaving precious memories as eternal reminders…that life goes on forever.

Weep not, cry not, do not grieve for me–my soul at last runs free.
My immortal spirit, unbound soul, forever young will be.”

–excerpt from “Listen, Look and Remember”

OF ROOTS, SHOES and RHYMES by C L Gillmore

Violets in Clay Pots

The violets on my office desk have been so beautiful this past week…thought I would share them and a poem. Enjoy!

Violets in Clay Pots 

My mom grew pink and purple violets
In clay pots on our windowsill.
Lovely, lacy single and double blossoms
With velvety leaves of forest green.
Graceful fingers pinched back dead flowers
With such practiced skill.
Coaxed the delicate plants to yield
The most beautiful blooms I‘d ever seen.
Daily she talked and sang to her violets
Touched and stroked them. Motherly.
That I could have been one of her violets
So she could have sung to me.

—from Of Roots, Shoes and Rhymes ~ by C L Gillmore

Journey to Success

Some will greet each new morning
With homework finished and breakfast waiting.
And to genuine inquiries about their day.
Secure and happy, feeling good about themselves.
An affectionate kiss, a hug and they’re on their way.
“I can’t wait to begin my journey to success!”

~ excerpt from “Journey to Success”

My Old Shoes

“There’s just something wonderful about a brand new pair of shoes,
Wrapped in that rich scent of leather, burnished and smooth.
They’re fashionable and trendy with a fit snug and tight.
As I walk, others notice and I smile in confident delight.
Ah, life is good, endlessly stretched out before me…
I’m really something, me and my new shoes.

~ excerpt from “My Old Shoes”

January Newsletter

Enjoy our January Newsletter !

“Silver and Gold”

I’m a little late with my New Year’s poem…Hope you enjoy!

“Silver and Gold”

Shepherd in the new, usher out the old
One shines silver, the other glows gold.

Seasons once passed at a gentle pace,
But soon rush by like a downhill race.
The dreams and schemes of yesterday
Trail on the wind as legacy.

Oh, bittersweet days of lost Decembers,
Moments we begged never to remember
The faces and places of what was to be.
Now pray to recall each memory.

Spring stirs ‘neath winter’s gray covers,
Hope awakens summer and quietly hovers.
The tears and fears from every sorrow
Strengthens us now so others may borrow.

Shepherd in the new, usher out the old
One shines silver, the other glows gold.

–C. L. Gillmore, January 2012

Kissed by an Angel

Yesterday afternoon 45+ Super Sisterhood Women gathered at Gabriel’s Angel Foundation. The foundation provides opportunities for service dogs and their owners, to build trust and self-esteem for abused and troubled children and teens…. …Pam Gaber, Gabriel’s Founder, is passionate about the work, the dogs, and the children. It was an honor to host Gabriel’s Angel Foundation this month as our charity of choice. Thank you Pam and all your “angels!” I hope you’ll check out all the wonderful album pictures from Sunday!!

Visit their website at

Kissed by an “angel!”

Uncommon Bond Now on Kindle!

Kindle is now featuring my romance novel UNCOMMON BOND! I hope you’ll check it out! It’s available in eBook format on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and in paperback on Amazon and from my website @ . Sequel is on the way! Thanks!!