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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Its about your perspective…

Some mornings on my walk, I notice all the lovely things around me—puffy white clouds line dancing against an azure sky, green lawns and carefully manicured yards, colorful flowering plants and lacy leafed trees on the greenbelt. I hear birds singing and chirping, honeybees buzzing and the sound of rapidly beating wings from a passing hummingbird.

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Our “Common Bond” is the MHS Class of 1967

Common Bond

The shadowed streaks of twilight slip silently away
And tuck behind the mountains to mark another day.
Now leaving just the night sounds to whisper and remind
Of magical trips and trusted friends, lost and left behind.

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Skipping Stones

“The smooth stone skipped and then was gone.
But hundreds of ripples circled on and on.
Flowing to the shores of a distant sea.
Then floating back again through time to me.”

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When Lightning Bugs Shimmered

Heart memory stirs on shafts of moonglow
Releasing recollections from twilights long ago.

When lightning bugs shimmered in blue Mason jars
And flickered ‘til daylight erased heaven’s stars.
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Shopping at Grandpa’s Garage

Every so often we stop by,
Hand and hand, my little son and I,
To poke around, to rummage through
Grandpa’s garage and look for something new.

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Pieces to the puzzle…

As I was walking early this morning along the desert canal, listening and conversing with those voices in my head…the ones that finally went to sleep around midnight last night…the ending of my novel played out in my mind like a movie. I have had this happen before, but this morning was amazing. So many pieces to the puzzle fell into place and I saw the end to the most beautiful love story. I can’t wait to walk into the pages of my novel this morning and watch as it unfolds.

C.L. Gillmore’s social media based romance novel, Uncommon Bond is a finalist!





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I continue to be in awe of all that is possible.

C.L. Gillmore Wins The National Indie Excellence Book Awards For Poetry!









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