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Monthly Archives: October 2012

What direction will you go

graduation caps

Where will your life lead you?

Joyfulness began each day and warmth closed out each night,
As anticipated banter slowly set the world back right.
For him to reflect on youthful dreams and hopeful aspirations
And for her a chance to finally confide a lifetime of decisions.
Life seemed good again as they dueled in ageless celebration.

I knew all of us felt that way then. We were young and had our entire lives ahead of us and we were unafraid to simply be whomever or whatever we wanted to be.  It was up to us as to what direction we would end up going.  What we would simply be.

Excerpt from “Uncommon Bond” a novel by CL Gillmore

Stop and look at me

Talk and listen to me

I need you to stop and look at me
See the person inside.
I need you to talk then listen to me
I have something to say.
But most of all I need you to touch me
I need to feel your love
And know that I am in here.

I was used to being in control of situations and problem solving until I got the results I wanted.  And often as a teacher I used my skills as a writer to problem solve and get those results.  Unfortunately, there was just no way to write my way or fantasize my way around this situation.

Excerpt from “Uncommon Bond” a novel by CL Gillmore

Hold on to the breath of a dream

Beacon from shore is dark now


Beacon from shore is dark now.
And I am ready to give.
Cannot hold on to the breath of a dream.
Soul, save me one more time.

Since there was no physical relationship now, all of our connections, our intimacies had come from our minds through our thoughts and words to one another.  And when mind and thought are all you have, they become the stage for fantasies, desires and love to play out.

Excerpt from “Uncommon Bond” a novel by CL Gillmore

October Painting and Poetry

We hope you are enjoying our monthly presentation, our gift to you.

“Foliage in the Garden I”

Foliage in the Garden I

Size: 4 x 4
Mixed media on canvas
by Kathryn Henneman

“Who Will You Send?”

“Who will you send to help me tend
The beautiful Sunflower garden again?”
My simple request to the Lord I made
As I watched the summer fade.

“For you I will search and find someone rare
Whom you can entrust with the Sunflowers’ care.
A person, like you, who’ll see in each flower
The beauty and grace, the potential and power.

And as you’re working side by side,
Remember in each other to always confide
Your hopes, your dreams, your tears and fears
Concerning each flower in your garden here.

For your goals and my goals are both the same:
To tend to their needs without fanfare or fame.
Training and guiding and providing the light
For each special flower to bloom full and bright.”

So to each dear assistant I now say, “Thank you!
I’m so glad that you were sent especially my way.
For much like the Sunflowers who in my garden grow,
So much of our success to you we both owe!”

~ From Of Roots, Shoes and Rhymes by
C. L. Gillmore © 2011~

Kathryn’s paintings and Cheryl’s poetry will soon be available in note cards and will comprise a twelve-month calendar for next year…2013!

To view all of Kathryn’s artwork visit her website at   All of Kathryn’s pieces are for sale.

Autumn permeates our senses

“Autumn permeates our senses with remarkable changes all around. Changes that remind us of past and present possibilities…opportunities. They drift and swirl like colorful leaves in the wind and gently come to rest within our heart memory.”
~ C L Gillmore ©2012 ~

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My hopes and dreams for myself became entwined

You made my life change

Defying time and explanation, her closed
front door has opened
To the past, the present, the future where dreams
have the chance to mend.
Dreams that help her heart to heal and
allow her soul to soar
By allowing time to temper, to bend and
grant her hope again.
How could she not have noticed these
wondrous days before?

I was a wife, a mother, a teacher, and that is where my attention had been all this time.  My hopes and dreams for myself became entwined with the hopes and dreams of others. My aspirations died a slow and painless death that went unnoticed, especially by me.  But now suddenly things had changed.  I changed and it was because someone was interested in me again.  And that someone was a part of all those things, including my hopes and dreams that made me who I was, who I am.

Excerpt from the novel Uncommon Bond by CL Gillmore.

This relationship had crossed over into another area

You opened up new feelings

You once said I had saved you,
but the truth is…you saved me.
By waking me up from years on end
of details and complacency.
You found that girl who once was
filled with dreams and desires.
Gave her strength to strike the match
that finally lit the fire.

Oh, my.  I knew exactly what he and I were both saying to one another.  This relationship had crossed over into another area altogether.  Jake and I were heading down still another path.  And again I found myself asking those same questions that surfaced weeks ago.  How could we be having such intense emotional feelings?  We were miles apart in time and distance. Yet it was happening, just from the words alone, feelings that were welling up in both of us and spilling over in every direction.  No one would believe this could ever happen.  I couldn’t believe it had happened.  And there was certainly no one to tell or talk it over with other than each other.  Now there was a captive , unbiased audience of two for a group discussion on the subject.

Excerpt from the novel Uncommon Bond by CL Gillmore

Those days and nights are forever etched deep within my heart

The first draft is done

Those days and nights are forever etched deep within my heart.
I see their faces, hear their voices,
though so many years apart.
Their love and friendship, counsel and humor,
are a part of what I say.
And nudge me now so gently with thoughts I write each day.

Almost three weeks to the day after returning from Springfield, Illinois.  I typed the final words to the last sentence of my novel.  The first draft was written in only 58 days.  This is an example of how an online romance can be used as motivation!  It was finally time to email the manuscript to Kathryn to begin editing.

Excerpt from the novel Uncommon Bond by CL Gillmore

A mid life crisis

Your first sports car in your 50s

A long-term marriage relationship goes through a major transition after age 50. Sometimes it is commonly referred to as a “mid-life crisis” and has been mostly associated with men.  Men look for younger women and divorce their wives of thirty years.  Men trade in their sedans for pricey sports cars.  Well, I think we are finally seeing that the same things happen in women.  Women look for younger men and divorce their husbands.  Women trade their minivans for convertibles.  And everyone wonders how this could have happened. It happens because of transitions–changes in the two people, changes in their lives, changes in what each wants from the future.

Excerpt from the novel Uncommon Bond by CL Gillmore

I’m amazed when I stop to think about key people in my life

Life is becoming more complicated

I’m amazed when I stop to think about key people in my life,
And how they’ve always seemed to be there over the years.
When I’ve been afraid or lost my way,
someone was always there
Crossing my path, extending a hand,
in good times and in strife.

Things progressed at school with the program.  I thought more seriously about retirement.  And the affair between Jake and me intensified.  My life was becoming more and more complicated with each passing day.

Excerpt from the novel Uncommon Bond by CL Gillmore