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special little tree


Excerpt from “A Friend Request” by C. L. Gillmore

Jake took my hands in his and pulled me up from the couch. He brushed my hair back with his hand and kissed me. Together we walked up the steps to my bedroom.

A Christmas tree nestled in the corner on my nightstand lighted the bedroom. Jake surprised me with the little evergreen tree, along with donuts and chocolate milk, this morning.

After some searching, we found several strings of lights, two boxes of glass ornaments and an unopened package of tinsel tucked inside a small box next to the furnace… leftovers from my tree last year in Macomb.

Together we decorated the tree, shared the donuts and chocolate milk, and listened to Jake’s “Time Out” album by Dave Brubeck. When we finished, Jake carefully carried the tree upstairs and placed it on the nightstand next to my bed.

Tonight the tree looked more beautiful than ever.

The multi-colored lights—blinking rhythmically on and off to the jazz sounds of Dave Brubeck—cast shadowed patterns of pine branches across the ceiling and down the walls.

The bedroom felt cool, smelled of a pine and shimmered in the darkness. Magical. That was the first word that came to mind. Magical.

I had no idea just how magical the room or the night would be.

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