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A Bright Orange Trumpet Vine…

~Excerpt from “Childhood Sanctuary” by C L Gillmore

“Next to the sweet peas, a bright orange trumpet vine winds up and over an
old T-clothesline pole. The thick, coarse vine is twisted and gnarled and reminds me of the ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ picture from my second grade reader.

At the end of each trailing vine are clumps of orange, trumpet-shaped flowers. This is where the ruby-throated humming birds wage ‘hummer warz,’ as they guard the precious flowers from all intruders.

Carefully I pull blossoms from the vine, one-by-one, and place the orange trumpet over each of my fingertips. Spreading my blossom-covered fingers wide, I wave my hands in the air in front of me and screech! “I am the good witch who frightens away all bad people who dare to take the princess from her castle!”

Squinting my eyes and turning slowly around, I survey the yard in every direction and decide there are no bad people here today. I let the blossoms fall from my fingers onto the grass and lick the sweet yellow nectar from each fingertip.

Honey. It takes like honey.”

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