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Along Life’s Journey…

Thoughts Became My Words

Mrs. Roper kept a folder with pictures on a table
Backed by beautiful colors on construction paper.
And when our work was done we’d look into that folder
Choose a picture, write a story that we could read for her.

Eagerly I handled all the pictures in that stack,
Thinking on each subject, searching for a fact,
Until a certain face or place became a story in my head.
And those thoughts became my words…like Mrs. Roper said.

Just how many stories did I write for Mrs. Roper?
All of them are lost to time but not my memory of her.
Because of this one teacher I write these words today.
A picture of Mrs. Roper’s face is in my heart to stay.

—From Of Roots, Shoes, and Rhymes
by C. L. Gillmore, copyright 2010

I had no idea, some 55 years later, that little second grade girl from the small town of Muscatine, Iowa would be the featured author at a bookstore in Tempe, Arizona—talking about and promoting her two books, Uncommon Bond, a social media romance novel and Of Roots, Shoes and Rhymes, a book of poetry and audio CD.

When we first start out, none of us have any idea where our hopes and dreams will lead us or how long it might take for them to unfold.  For me personally, my journey has been filled with challenges and triumphs that continue to test me and give me experiences that are reflected in the words that I write within my novels and my poetry.

It touches my heart and soul deeply when someone comments that they related or were moved by the words of a particular passage in the novel or from a poem that I have written.  To me it means that somewhere in time this person and I shared the same or similar experience and feelings…and it left us changed as individuals.

Musicians, artists, authors, poets—whatever your tool of choice—the journey becomes a creative process. Musicians use notes and rhythm to convey emotion. Artists use pastels and oils and mixed media to communicate emotion. Poets and authors use the well-chosen word and perfect turn of phrase to evoke emotion.

And in the end we all draw from our memories, our experiences…from people and places…and from our hopes and dreams for the future to bring about the creative process that becomes a haunting melody, a beautiful painting, a reflective book of poetry or a romantic novel—along our life’s journey.

Long and Winding Road by the Beatles



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