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Arizona Authors 2012 Literary Committee Selects CL Gillmore as a Finalist


Arizona Authors Association selects Gillmore as Finalist

Congratulations to C.L. Gillmore! Her entry entitled “Beautiful Bell-Bottomed Boy,”  is a finalist in the Arizona Authors 2012 Literary Contest. Exact places will be announced and awards presented at the banquet on November 3, 2012. For more information on the Arizona Authors Association visit their website here.

Beautiful Bell Bottomed Boy

Beautiful Bell Bottomed Boy



Beautiful Bell-Bottomed Boy

Shirtless, bronzed, bell-bottomed boy,
Beautiful, young and lean.
Soft, silken coffee-brown hair,
Wind-swept, wild and free.

Graceful, fluid, outstretched arms,
Expressive, gentle hands.
Lovely, curved, sensuous hips,
Legs strong, slender and tan.

Rocked by the gods of music and freedom,
Swaying in rhythmic jubilation.
High on life and love’s sweet passion,
He danced for her in celebration.

One girl alone was hypnotized,
In the midst of a thousand faces.
Her eyes linked to his piercing blue eyes,
And put her own feet in his paces.

Gone are the days of the young summer sultan,
And the girl who watched him with joy.
He dances forever within her heart,
Beautiful bell-bottomed boy.

2 Responses to Arizona Authors 2012 Literary Committee Selects CL Gillmore as a Finalist

  • Beverly Belche says:

    THIS is Excellent News! Cheryl is the most talented writer I have read in a long long time! She knows how to transport us right back in time –The time that was so special and unique~ She is truly Gifted !! I am so happy she is being Recognized! Thanks for this opportunity to reply : ) Beverly J Belche

  • Linda Zimmer Gilbride says:

    Loved your poem and the memories it evokes. Congratulations on the recognition!

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