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Autumn is a warm blanket…

Autumn has always been my favorite time of year, comforting and familiar, like a warm blanket to curl up in and wrap around me.

As a child growing up in Iowa, I remember crisp, cool temperatures that swept away summer’s heat, fields of golden corn ready to harvest and the sound of laughter from under a pile of red and yellow and purple leaves. I remember football games, Homecoming dances and mum corsages… pumpkins, corn shocks, hay bales and scarecrows. I remember Halloween, trick or treating and sorting through the haul of candy with a friend. I remember Thanksgiving dinner, the smell of turkey and pumpkin pie and gathering around the piano to sing as my mom played. Sweet memories that linger through the years.

With every season come changes…around us and within us. The days of autumn are gentle and pensive … brilliant and spectacular! They allow us to recall familiar melodies while giving us the opportunity to dance to songs yet unwritten.

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