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“Beloved Most Imagine”


We hope you are enjoying our monthly presentation, our gift to you.

“Beloved Most Imagine “
by Kathryn Henneman 

48×60 mixed media on canvas

Beautiful, Bell-Bottomed Boy”

Shirtless, bronzed, bell-bottomed boy,
Beautiful, young and lean.
Soft, silken, coffee-brown hair,
Wind-swept, wild and free.

Graceful, fluid, out-stretched arms,
Expressive, gentle hands.
Lovely, curved, sensuous hips
Legs strong, slender and tan.

Rocked by the gods of music and freedom,
Swaying in rhythmic jubilation,
High on life and love’s sweet passion,
He danced for her in celebration.

One girl alone was hypnotized.
Her vision spanned over crowd faces
To link with his piercing blue eyes
And to put her own feet in his paces.

Gone are the days of the young summer sultan
And the girl who watched him with joy.
He dances forever within her heart
Beautiful, bell-bottomed boy.

~ by C. L. Gillmore

Kathryn’s paintings and Cheryl’s poetry will soon be available in note cards and will comprise a twelve-month calendar for next year…2013!

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