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A Friend Request  Frontcover

A Friend Request Backcover


Jake Richardson long ago abandoned his dream for a creative, professional life in the city and, instead, settled into a routine existence on his rural Illinois family farm. Though now in a dispassionate marriage, he does manage to find joy and purpose with his two teenaged sons, close-knit community, and friends. But, one Friend Request changes everything.


The name Rose Allison, popping up on his computer screen, fills him with vivid memories of a powerful bond, forged amidst the heat of 1960s politics, culture, and music. Her simple message opens up a fresh world of opportunity for them both as technology shrinks their geographical and emotional distance. They regain a chance to heal individual and mutual demons, and potentially rekindle the passion and fulfillment so many people only dream about with their first love.


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A Friend Request tells the story of Rose Allison and Jake Richardson’s coming-of-age in midwestern America during the late 1960s and early 1970s when free love, the Vietnam War, drugs, and rock and roll formed their lives. Forty years later, thru the cultural phenomenon of social media, Rose and Jake reunite through a simple Friend request on Facebook. Gillmore’s densely textured portrayal of their relationship flows between the hippie revolution and today’s social media connections, revitalizing the love and friendship they both suppressed for so many years.

—Jodie Wilson, Publisher,, LLC

Anyone who’s ever wondered about rekindling a romance with their first love will connect with A Friend Request. Gillmore’s attention to detail and visceral understanding of her characters make you feel like you’re eavesdropping on Jake and Rose’s online exploration of their relationship. Despite the passage of years and inevitable life changes, they work to heal and forge a new fairytale ending solely through words, not unlike the love-letter writers of old.

– Ann Narcisian Videan, Award-winning editor,
 and Author of Rhythms & Muse and Song of the Ocarina

CL Gilmore’s second release is a trip that will have you absorbed in infatuation and romance! It is a page turner that transports you back in time, while awakening your senses and tugging at your heart. This story stays with you long after it’s over!

— Julianna Lyddon, MC, Author