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C. L. Gillmore Takes Uncommon Bond on the Road

Poet and novelist showcases writing talent and heartfelt sentiments that transcend age and stage of life.

07.29.2011– C. L. Gillmore’s novel about passion, love and longing takes the reader into the conflicting realms of the forbidden and the exciting. Uncommon Bond pulls back the curtain on Rose and Jake, two people who reconnect through Facebook after nearly 40 years of separate lives.

Gillmore is a retired special education teacher for whom writing has always been an important part of life. “My second grade teacher was a big influence,” Gillmore says. “She was instructive and encouraging and made me love putting my thoughts on paper.”

Fascinated with Facebook, texting and chat, Gillmore was able to weave a great story about baby boomers living and loving in a high tech romance. Each chapter starts with a poem penned by Rose to convey feelings sparked by “talking” with Jake.

The 28 poems are also featured in Gillmore’s first poetry book called Of Roots, Shoes & Rhymes. The poetry covers Gillmore’s life experiences from pain in childhood through true friendships in young adulthood to a career in service to the most special kinds of children.

Gillmore collaborated with Kathryn Henneman for the cover art and full-color interior pages of the book. Henneman, a renowned abstract expressionist, devoted two original paintings to the project.

“So many people supported and encouraged me in this new phase of life,” Gillmore says. “I am excited to be in print and living my dreams. My next novel is just the second in a long list I have in my head.”

A transplant from Muscatine, Iowa, Gillmore resides in Surprise, Arizona with her husband Mike. She has two adult children and five grandchildren. She is writing another novel sure to please her growing fan base.

The novel, poetry book and audio CD of Gillmore’s poetry reading are available on her website, The books are also available on Amazon in print and Kindle format.

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