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Kind words and loving smiles

CL Gillmore

Waking up to another lovely autumn morning in Iowa. I’m so thankful for friends and family who welcome me back home with open arms and loving hearts. I appreciate kind words, loving smiles, and warm embraces… tender memories from those who have walked in and out of my life over the years. Age reveals many things. For me, as the years unfolded, I realized what a difference a simple act of kindness, an encouraging word, a temporary respite from the storms of life, and enduring love and friendship… no matter how brief… can make in someone’s life.

I am grateful for all those extended hands who reached out and pulled me to my feet so I could stand again… find the path… and discover all the truly lovely places, adventures, and people waiting for me.



New Baby Boy Kobel arrives today

CL Gillmore


A new BABY BOY KOBEL is on the way this morning for Adam and Abby…at the hospital since around 3 a.m. Grandma had to do “girly hair” on Whitney and Mya Laine this morning…Yikes! Luckily, Jaxson was on his own. They are at school awaiting news on their new little brother…as we all are!CL Gillmore

You don’t have to nurture or treasure a child over a lifetime to be a mother.

CL Gillmore


You don’t have to nurture or treasure a child over a lifetime to be a mother. Sometimes if you are very lucky…one will step in to love and guide you when yours is called away.

“I’m amazed when I stop to think about key people in my life,
And how they’ve always seemed to be there over the years.
When I’ve been afraid or lost my way, someone was always there
Crossing my path, extending a hand, in good times and in strife.”

I wrote the poem, “My Gift to You,” a few years back. Part of the inspiration came from a special woman who selflessly stepped in to “mother” a motherless child…me.

“And then there they were, this mother and dad, reaching out to me.
Making me a part of a loving family as if they had heard my plea.”

Mothering a seventeen year old girl, carrying years and years of baggage, was not an easy task. I’m sure there were times when it would have been easier to let go of my hand, but she never did. For two short years…she comforted, encouraged, guided, taught, loved and mothered me. Those two years changed my life…saved my life.

It has been a privilege to send my thoughts and love in words and poems on Mother’s Day cards for the past forty-seven years…to Barbara Woodstra.

Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for letting me be one of your daughters. Cheryl

Pearl Lucille…my mother

CL Gillmore

CL Gillmore

CL Gillmore

CL Gillmore

How’s that whistling going for you

CL Gillmore


Saturdays are spent looking for garage sales with the grand kids. This week we had Emmi and Dillon with us. Emmi, age 4, is known for her “one-liners” and large vocabulary. As we were heading back home, we heard her practicing her non-existent whistling skills from the backseat.

I asked, “Emmi, how’s that whistling going for you?”

She answered, “Well, it’s not going very well so far.”

Meanwhile, her dad, Aaron, tried to explain something to her little brother, Dillon. Of course, Dillon didn’t understand but Emmi knew the problem.

She looked over at her dad and said, “Daddy, you need to stop being so obtuse!”

Next week we’ll work on the word “plethora” and see how that goes. Probably not very well.

Shopping at Grandpa’s Garage

CL Gillmore
Happy 33rd Birthday to my son Aaron Kobel! He now has a son the age he was in these pictures.
This rap poem is about Aaron and his son, Dillon…and Grandpa.
CL Gillmore
Shopping at Grandpa’s GarageEvery so often we stop by,
Hand and hand, my little son and I,
To poke around, to rummage through
Grandpa’s garage and look for something new.Shelves and drawers, boxes and sacks
Filed in rows and stored in stacks.
Collected over time, each cherished find,
A tangible remembrance etched in my mind.

Fishing poles, tackle boxes, dip nets and lures
Leaf blowers, lawn mowers, barbeques and skewers
Paint brushes, ladders, drip lines, and hoses
Weed and feed, bug spray and dust for roses
Toggle bolts, nails, Phillips screws, and wires
Allen wrenches, drills, hammers and pliers
License plates, radios, pictures and books
Christmas trees, reindeer, lights bulbs, and hooks

Today I chose a sprayer and some weed control.
While my little one’s dragging a fishing pole.
“We’ll have them back to you next week,” I say.
Dad just shakes his head and walks away.

We drive away together, smiles on our faces.
My little son and me, remembering the places
Where memories were made, amid the hodgepodge,
As we shopped today in Grandpa’s garage.

~ C. L. Gillmore, © June 2012 ~

Girlie hair is very tricky


I just dropped the grand kids, Jaxson and Mya Laine, off at school after spending the night. Oh, my. Poor Mya Laine. I had to do her “girlie hair” this morning! OMG! My first attempt at bows, rubber bands and braiding(?). She will probably be sent home early and kicked out of the “girlie club.” I only know how to do “boy hair”…wash it and SPIKE IT! Jaxson looked great!

Mom’s red formica table.

Excerpt from “A Friend Request” sequel novel to “Uncommon Bond” by C L Gillmore

Rose remembers…

I sat at Mom’s red Formica table, munched my doughnuts and sipped the chocolate milk as “In My Life” from the Beatles’ Rubber Soul album played in the background. I thought about the words.

Though I know I’ll never lose affection
For people and things that went before
I know I’ll often stop and think about them

In my life, I’ve loved them all.

I ran my hand over the smooth tabletop and remembered all the Saturday mornings as a child that started out exactly this same way…with my mom sitting across the table from me sipping a cup of coffee. She wouldn’t let me drink coffee but she would let me dunk my doughnut in her cup. I can still smell the coffee, taste the coffee soaked doughnut.

It’s interesting the selective things one remembers from childhood.

Sunday mornings in small midwest towns

My heart and mind are full this morning. There’s just something about Sunday mornings in small Midwest towns. Most businesses are closed and families walk to church down Maple and Oak canopied, Mayberry-like streets…lined with distinctive houses where the American flag flies proudly, flower-filled urns flank gingerbread trimmed porches and individualized mailboxes line the curb. I know inside one of these homes is an Aunt Bea cooking bacon, eggs and oatmeal for an Andie and Opie. Now I know why that program was so popular…it actually WAS true. Hollywood just thought it was a myth and happened to get it right for once. Appropriate for time-travelers like me and Dorothy and Toto, too who will soon be sucked back up into the vortex and carried back some place to the West…”and my spirit is crying for leaving.”

CL Gillmore on KWPC Radio

Cheryl will be featured on the following KWPC radio programs.
Tune in and listen!

Friday, August 24th at 9:15 a.m. on Coffee Chat with Jane Daufeldt
Thursday, August 30th at 8:30 a.m. with Mayor DeWayne Hopkins

Also, on Thursday, August 30th at 4:30 p.m., Cheryl will tape a cable TV program “Access Muscatine” hosted by Chad Bishop.

The taping will take place in Larson Hall at Muscatine Community College.