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The Midwest Region

Childhood Memories

All of us have past memories in common, many from childhood…

Childhood Memories

some are best memories, some are not.


Nevertheless, we collectively share them.

As a writer, I use my creativity and imagination to tap into our common memories—both physical and emotional—whenever I write a poem, a story, a novel.

For me, beginning any written work is like beginning a new friendship… a friendship between author and reader. As the author, I tap into and establish common memories—thoughts, feelings, experiences—with you, the reader. I do this through setting, character development, and story line. By the end of the writing process, you know something about me through the words.

You get it. You understand. You’ve been there.

And now you know, I’ve been there, too.


Childhood Memories

The Power of Words

“At an early age, I understood words

and the power they held to transport me,

but now, I understand how words

can transport others, as well.”

~ C. L. Gillmore

The Power of Words

The Power of Words



The Power of Words

Bits and Pieces

Working in my office this morning

on a series of blog posts entitled,

“Bits and Pieces”

Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces


Bits and Pieces

A Behind the Scenes Writing Perspective From Author and Poet, C. L. Gillmore.


These blogs will provide the platform for future speaking presentations.


I’ve filled my office from top to bottom with “bits and pieces” from my life.


Collectively, they are the “tangible somethings” that go with the “intangible memories”… providing the inspiration that fuels my imagination and creativity as a writer.


Bits and Pieces

Common Bond

All of us have past memories in common we collectively share.

Common Bond

As a writer, I use my creativity and imagination to tap into those common memories

both physical and emotional—

whenever I write a poem, a story, a novel.

~ C L Gillmore



Common Bond

The shadowed streaks of twilight slip silently away
And tuck behind the mountains to mark another day.
Now leaving just the night sounds to whisper and remind
Of magical trips and trusted friends, lost and left behind.

To a time when only dreams had the power to transcend
And bring us together, beyond the unrest, one by one as friends.
Kindred souls, sharing a moment, bound by love and freedom.
Moved by the words and music…we danced to a different drum.

Those days and nights are forever etched deep within my heart.
I see their faces, hear their voices, though so many years apart.
Their love and friendship, counsel and humor, are a part of what I say.
And nudge me now so gently with thoughts I write each day.

I wish I would have realized those many years ago
Our moment was just an instant in the lives we were to know.
I could have brushed a farewell kiss as I gazed into each face.
But one by one, we left not knowing we had shared our last embrace.

~ By C L Gillmore ~

Common Bond

A Writer and a Poet

Inside lurked a writer and a poet


A Writer and a Poet
Excerpt from the novel,



A Friend Request,

~ by C L Gillmore
Inside Rose lurked a writer and a poet who communicated her observations, her inner thoughts and feelings, her insecurities, through writing. She found escape from her demons and comfort from loneliness through writing. And she kept everything she wrote in black, three-ringed notebooks or in a little black, leather diary she carried in her purse.

A Writer and a Poet

Sunday Afternoon Rides

When I wrote this passage, I remembered Sunday afternoon rides

as a young child with my mom and grandma,

Sunday Afternoon Rides )

along graveled, country roads near my hometown of Muscatine, Iowa.



Peaking out the back window, from inside my backseat, blanket fort… the countryside sped by like a television show, a movie: lovely white, two-story farm houses with horses running in the pasture; deteriorating farms with unpainted outbuildings, roofless silos, and discarded farm equipment, left in fields to rust. I always wanted to live on a farm. Now I write those bits and pieces of childhood memories.

Excerpt from A FRIEND REQUEST, by C. L. Gillmore

I slipped the cell phone back in my jacket pocket, started the truck, and pulled back onto Highway 20. J.J. Cale rocked out to the bluesy, driving beat of “The Breeze” on the radio.

I cranked up the sound—drummed the beat on the steering wheel—and sped into the night. The miles clicked by, the rain stopped, and two and half hours later, I drove up the graveled driveway.

Home again. Home again. Jiggity-jig. A remembered sing-song rhyme my sons repeated upon returning home when they were little. Now I typed it in texts to Rose when I returned home from bus trips, movies, late night dinners, the bar… without her. Always wondering what it would be like to have her next to me, instead of alone… instead of with Beth.

I climbed out of the truck and looked over the moonlit surroundings I’d come home to my entire life: the remodeled, century-old, two-story farmhouse… the deteriorating, unpainted outbuildings… the roofless, empty silos… the aging, abandoned feed lots… the overgrown, rusted railroad track that divided yard from farmland.

Everything looked the same as when I left yesterday. Everything was the same. Everything, except me. After this weekend, nothing would be the same… for either of us. Nothing.


Sunday Afternoon Rides

A Friend Request in The Focus


A Friend Request!

A Friend Request in The Focus

Check out the Author’s Corner, pages 12-13,

of the January 2015 Issue of The Focus magazine!

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Award winning poet, novelist and Iowa native, C.L. Gilmore lived most of her childhood in Muscatine, a small picturesque town nestled along the banks of the Mississippi River. Her beautiful poetry and detailed story lines reflect her Midwest roots.

“I weave the details of what I know best into my writing.  I remember hot summer nights along the Mississippi, and crisp autumn mornings waiting for the school bus; small-town football games; Homecoming dances, and the smell of mum corsages; former teachers and students; former friends and lovers; local bands, music, rock festivals, and drugs; campus riots, assassinations, and war protests. These day-to-day remembered details, breathe life into a character, and lend credibility to setting and storyline.”

 Click here to read more about Cheryl Gillmore and A Friend Request in The Focus magazine!

A Friend Request in The Focus

5 of 5 Stars


5.0 out of 5 stars Amazon Review

By fellow author and long time friend, Jerry Hogan.

1-14 (Client)


that chance to heal individual and mutual demons, and potentially

rekindle the passion and fulfillment so many people only dream about with their first love.

A Friend Request is C. L. Gillmore’s follow up novel to her book Uncommon Bond. Much of it is a prequel really, giving us the story of belated lovers Jake and Rose when they were young Midwesterners experiencing first-hand the joy, thrill and complexity of being at the very heart of the late 1960s and early 1970s.

“It’s hard to explain if you weren’t part of it…” Gillmore writes knowingly, but “if you were, it stayed with you, got in your blood and became a part of you… who you are.”

A Friend Request and Uncommon Bond need to be seen as interrelated books, with the latter bringing Jake and Rose together through the modern miracle of the Internet and Facebook and the former filling in the details of their past lives and how they are able to rekindle their relationship from so long ago.

Gillmore writes from her heart and from her mind. The story may be a Romance but it’s one that uses the reality of both a present and a past, which Gillmore absolutely lived through and understands, to tell an engaging and memorable story.


A Friend Request Review

A review of A Friend Request


A Friend Request Review
Last night in the wee hours, I finished reading my dear friend’s sequel novel, A Friend Request…I’m blown away at her writing skills in this newest addition. Cheryl and I have a past that will endure forever, we shared many secrets n laughs and I’m so thankful that she awakened many of them from our past to me upon her visits back ‘home’…keep writing dear friend, you are an inspiration to me and always good for the belly laughs…I LU2LLs…ALWAYS!

~ Sharon Richardson Wilson

Excerpt from A FRIEND REQUEST:

Champaign, Illinois
Winter 1968–1969

Ren and I brought the signed lease to Mr. Cody and picked up the keys to our apartment one cold Saturday morning in November. On our way out of the clubhouse, we stopped by the mail area. I skimmed my fingers over the wall of metal mailboxes until I came to ours—1216. Ren slipped the address label for our apartment into the front ID window of our mailbox.

Rose Allison
Karen Anderson
1216 Parkridge Apartments
Champaign, Illinois 61821

We now officially lived at Parkridge Apartments, and moving day was tomorrow. Holy shit!!


A Friend Request Review

A Friend Request Excerpt

Poem excerpt from A Friend Request

A Friend Request Excerpt

by C. L. Gillmore

The Letters
The words began so long ago,
It’s hard to remember when
She hadn’t shared her hopes, her fears,
In late-night words to him.
A mother’s sins, buried and born,
Purged on notes in silence,
To the patient friend—tender lover—the keeper of confidence.
Year after year, two lives played out,
Actors on distant stages.
Linked forever from seasons ago,
On secretly written pages.
Private letters, bundled and tied,
Written in quiet despair,
To the gentle man—kindred spirit—the long ago love affair.


A Friend Request Excerpt