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Eternal Reflections…

As a child I remember summers seemed so long. It was as if time slowed just for me. When school started in September, I had changed and May was a distant memory. I remember my Grandma’s words, “Time passes faster when you are older.” She was right. Now I hold fast to each passing day, reluctantly letting each one slide through my fingers, holding on to the minutes and hours and memories.

Eternal Reflections . . .

I watched as another new year slid quietly into place
Bumping out the old one painlessly and leaving not a trace.
Joys, loneliness and precious, precious time were simply just erased,
And now have joined my back road memories to cherish and embrace.

If someone would have told me just how quickly life slides by
I might have chosen differently, giving other paths a try.
But life is born of endless details and other dreams just simply die
A painless and unnoticed death.  No time to mourn or cry.

I’ve given life and given love as much as I had within me.
And deep inside I’ll always be that restless soul who runs free.
Who knows a single lifetime is not enough to dream, to love, to be.
For the human soul that dwells within us all was created for eternity.

By C L Gillmore, Copyright 2010




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