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Forever Sunflower Friends

As a teacher of multiple disabilities children for over 25 years…the words to many of my poems came through inspiration as I watched their daily struggles…

Each and every letter I penned
Began in much the same way:
“On behalf of seventy special students today
Could you help and be a Sunflower’s Friend?”

For over the years, our numbers have grown
And now we need a place of our own.
A place where wheelchairs can come and go,
And fragile friends can swing to and fro.

A place to explore on hand and knee,
With things to touch when eyes cannot see.
Where trickling waters and fine white sands
Sift and flow over stiff, small hands.

A place where a special child can just be a kid.
To watch, to play, to dream at their bid,
With the sun in their faces, and the wind in their hair.
Unique gifts from God’s hand with so much to share.

Words seem so inadequate and somehow don’t relay
Just how very thankful we are to all of you each day.
For you truly caught our vision, you truly saw their need.
And now you will ever be forever Sunflower Friends, indeed!”

by CL Gillmore
Poem from the collection “Of Roots, Shoes and Rhymes”

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