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God Only Knows..

I’m having dinner tonight with former Sunflower School parents, student & assistants. For over 25 years parents, students and assistants brought such joy and meaning into my life each day as I stepped into my classroom.  The parents brought their tenacity and strength, my assistants brought their patience and kindness, and those special little students brought their unconditional love.  I miss them and carry them in my heart each day.  “God only knows what I’d be without them…in my life.”


The Little Sunflowers


The Little Sunflowers grow toward the light,
And always with colors so brilliant and bright.
Some may be straight and some may be bent,
But each little flower is still heaven-sent.

The Little Sunflowers are delicate, yet strong
And can brave life’s storms as they come along.
They never give up, they continue to grow,
Giving to all seeds of inspiration to sow.

One Little Sunflower is unique and fine,
But a garden of Sunflowers is simply divine.
They show us their beauty, strength and grace.
They show us a glimpse of God’s heavenly face.

May we all grow as the Little Sunflowers do
Letting their strength and beauty renew
The goodness, the kindness and love in us all,
Whether we struggle, or stand perfectly tall.

–C L Gillmore, copyright 2011

One Response to God Only Knows..

  • Marcia Werner says:

    Love Love Love this poem…thanks so much Cheryl for sharing your wonderful talents!!!

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