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Happy Birthday Jake

CL Gillmore
Excerpt from the novel, “A Friend Request,” by C L Gillmore.

Jake finds and reads a letter Rose wrote to him years before…

“November 24, 1979 – Happy Birthday, Jake. This year, I had a little baby boy, Joey. He’s perfect in every way… blond hair and green eyes… dimples in each cheek. I’m overcome with the responsibility of another person. I’m not sure I know how to be a mother, not sure what a mother does. Trying my best to get this right. I feel overwhelmed, afraid and depressed, but I know how to hide this. I stay focused on my role and do the best I can. Do you have children, Jake? Does someone, a little girl, call you Daddy? The thought brings tears to my eyes. You and I are distant now and I know I must leave you in the past. But a part of me always searches. My heart never forgets.”


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