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Is your life a novel?

Does everyone’s life read like a novel? Maybe each life is a novel, but only a few realize it and write it down. Look at your life. Look back and see it unfolding. See everything and everyone you have touched or that you have been touched by.

Each story, each life—though different in content—has the ability to connect with another person’s heart in some way. It’s the heart stories, the love stories—whether the story is about lovers, parents, children or animals—that connect us all.

It’s about love and something electrical, chemical that happens in the heart to form a connection, a bond that stays in our memory, our mind.

It’s that something that can’t be seen or measured in a laboratory or test tube. It can only be captured within the mind and held within the heart.

Life is finite…love is eternal. A body is finite…a spirit is eternal. Love transcends everything through our spirits.

~ excerpt from A Friend Request by C. L. Gillmore~

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