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Its about your perspective…

Some mornings on my walk, I notice all the lovely things around me—puffy white clouds line dancing against an azure sky, green lawns and carefully manicured yards, colorful flowering plants and lacy leafed trees on the greenbelt. I hear birds singing and chirping, honeybees buzzing and the sound of rapidly beating wings from a passing hummingbird.

Other mornings, I notice only the unlovely things—foreclosure signs posted amid dead grass and leafless, brown trees, chards of glass from broken street lights scattered over the sidewalk, unread newspapers collecting on deserted driveways and unemptied trash containers along the curb. I don’t notice the mountains or the sky or any of nature’s creatures on those mornings. I am just reminded once again of the relentless heat that is beginning.

Nothing has changed from one day to the next other than my perspective. I can choose to see that which is lovely or I can choose to see the unlovely. That choice will determine the remains of my day.

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