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Long journey back home to the heartland of Iowa

Journey home through the heartland of Iowa

A suitcase full of memories

Three weeks ago, I packed my clothes, my shoes, my make-up, my books–along with my expectations, my memories, my dreams–and took the long journey back home to the heartland of Iowa. What I brought back–overflowing from all sides of the suitcase–went far beyond any of my expectations or my memories or my dreams.

As quickly as I packed away a day’s experience, a place, a smile, a laugh, a story, a voice into my suitcase–something else wonderful happened and I tucked that in as well–until finally that jam-packed suitcase was ready to pop! It’s a good thing airport security couldn’t detect or visibly see all the sweet and wondrous memories that overflowed and trailed back with me to Arizona.

And now a week later and what seems like a million miles away, I stand in my office, eyes closed, heart overflowing and click the heels of my sale shoes together (found while shopping with a forever friend one afternoon in Iowa) and whisper, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like…Iowa.”

Peace and love from a forever friend and fellow time traveler,


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