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Music and a Memory…

Excerpt from A Friend Request by C L Gillmore

Rose recalls her mother’s love of music:

“I loved music…all kinds of music and I knew that love of music came from my mother. She sang and played the piano and encouraged me to sing and take piano lessons whenever we were somewhere long enough. It was one of the few things we did together. She would play the piano and I would sit next to her and we would sing. She had a beautiful voice and I loved to watch her hands on the piano keys.

She had such pretty hands with long, graceful “piano” fingers, as she called them, and could stretch her thumb and pinky to easily span an octave or more on the keyboard. I looked down at my hands and stretched my thumb and pinky. I had her hands and her piano fingers. I had her voice too.

I sang and played in high school and now I was doing even more in college. This was a good memory of my mother for me. I was grateful now that I could play and sing. I was grateful to her.”

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