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My soul friend, a kindred spirit.

“Without a real plan for what could happen, I made an effort and reached out for a chance meeting with someone who gave me a glimpse of the color again, if only for an instant. But in that instant, I saw it. I remembered it. And I wanted it. Someone stepped back through time and into my life again…and everything routine, mundane and colorless changed.  

This someone knew about my plans, my hopes, my dreams. This someone knew the person I had been when I started out. This someone knew me and because of that, I could clearly see a different path I wanted to walk down. A path that was filled with the colors of life once again. He had been a friend, my soul friend, a kindred spirit. He had been my lover. Forty years ago.

His name is Jake Richardson.”

~ excerpt from the novel “Uncommon Bond”

by C. L. Gillmore ©2011~

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