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Award-winning author and poet C. L. Gillmore wins the category for poetry for “Of Roots, Shoes and Rhymes” in the National Indie Excellence Awards for 2012

First Place Winner of Arizona Authors Association 2011 Literary Contest for Published Nonfiction

“As ageless winds gently sweep the passing of time and season,

You’ll feel my touch upon your face and know beyond all reason

That every life, yours and mine, becomes a unique, entwined endeavor.

Leaving precious memories as eternal reminders…that life goes on forever.”

Of Roots, Shoes and Rhymes

In Paperback

“The 28 poems in this collection are from the heart of C.L. Gillmore. Some of you may know her as a teacher. To others she is a neighbor, a wife, mother, friend  or colleague. Now, she’s a poet and author. Everyone has a different life journey, but few are able to capture the moments, memories and ideas in words. Gillmore’s poems cover her life experiences from pain in childhood through the true friendships of  young adulthood to a career in service to the most special kinds of children. As you read or listen to Gillmore’s poetry, you may discover her truths exist also in your own soul.” – Mary L. Holden, editor


Kathryn Henneman, a native of Arizona, who has been creating contemporary abstractions since 1985, created the cover and interior artwork for Of Roots, Shoes and Rhymes. Her ethereal style can be found in the media of chalk pastel and acrylic on paper as well as oil on canvas or board.  Henneman continually merges color and special materials to create commanding images.

Read/Listen to Excerpts:

Poem: Depths of Matchless Recall

Poem: Soul Save Me One More Time

Poem: Common Bond



Depths of Matchless Recall

The human mind…amazing…a truly magnificent creation.
Godly by design, with depths of matchless recall…a sensual saturation.

I can close my eyes, clear my mind of all the collective clutter.
Then let my weary soul lift up on wings that quietly flutter
Back through time so effortlessly to nearly forgotten places
To treasured friends and bittersweet lovers, now cherished, ageless faces.

Again we are caught up in time…youthful, wild and free.
Together we laugh, we dare, we love…unafraid to simply be.
It might have been just circumstance…the music, or just the time.
Whatever it was, it has become a most lovely memory of mine.

And sometimes, oh so quietly, that memory comes along
A certain sound, a smell, a touch…the words of a familiar song.
Then time dissolves, and there we are wrapped in youthful passion
Intense emotions, feelings so tender, embrace me with obsession.

In my youth I was a dreamer…imagination my best friend.
My mind could safely take me places and bring me back again.
Now all those places of my youth have become sweet memories.
I hold them close within my heart and cherish each one tenderly.

The human mind…amazing…a truly magnificent creation.
Godly by design, with depths of matchless recall…a sensual saturation.




Soul, Save Me One More Time

Waves of sadness
And I am drowning
Cannot catch my breath.
Soul, save me one more time.

Tears and brine at once
And I am slipping at sea.
Cannot see the crest anymore.

Life floats in pieces of wreckage above
And I watch with stinging eyes.
Cannot reach for a savior.

Beacon from shore is dark now.
And I am ready to give.
Cannot hold on to the breath of a dream.
Soul, save me one more time.




Common Bond

The shadowed streaks of twilight slip silently away
And tuck behind the mountains to mark another day.
Now leaving just the night sounds to whisper and remind
Of magical trips and trusted friends, lost and left behind.

To a time when only dreams had the power to transcend
And bring us together, beyond the unrest, one by one as friends.
Kindred souls, sharing a moment, bound by love and freedom.
Moved by the words and music…we danced to a different drum.

Those days and nights are forever etched deep within my heart.
I see their faces, hear their voices, though so many years apart.
Their love and friendship, counsel and humor, are a part of what I say.
And nudge me now so gently with thoughts I write each day.

I wish I would have realized those many years ago
Our moment was just an instant in the lives we were to know.
I could have brushed a farewell kiss as I gazed into each face.
But one by one, we left not knowing we had shared our last embrace.