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This relationship had crossed over into another area

You opened up new feelings

You once said I had saved you,
but the truth is…you saved me.
By waking me up from years on end
of details and complacency.
You found that girl who once was
filled with dreams and desires.
Gave her strength to strike the match
that finally lit the fire.

Oh, my.  I knew exactly what he and I were both saying to one another.  This relationship had crossed over into another area altogether.  Jake and I were heading down still another path.  And again I found myself asking those same questions that surfaced weeks ago.  How could we be having such intense emotional feelings?  We were miles apart in time and distance. Yet it was happening, just from the words alone, feelings that were welling up in both of us and spilling over in every direction.  No one would believe this could ever happen.  I couldn’t believe it had happened.  And there was certainly no one to tell or talk it over with other than each other.  Now there was a captive , unbiased audience of two for a group discussion on the subject.

Excerpt from the novel Uncommon Bond by CL Gillmore

One Response to This relationship had crossed over into another area

  • Beverly Belche says:

    I am always thankful when I see a new entry ~ Every one is rich ,insightful, and compelling : ) Keep on Writing!!

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