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A secret between sisters

Little Girls

Excerpt from the sequel novel, “A Friend Request” by C L Gillmore

“The narrow alley separated our single-story house from the brick, two-story directly across from us. I learned over the years that the two-story served as a slaughterhouse and meat market, grocery store and finally an apartment building, catering mostly to single men.

My sister Carla and I used to scour the alley between our house and the apartment building on Saturday and Sunday mornings looking for money dropped by the drunks as they exited cabs late at night. We always managed to find something, mostly loose change, but sometimes dollar bills.

We took our new-found wealth, walked two blocks to a little neighborhood market and spent it all on things we never had at home—Seven-Up candy bars, Topps baseball cards with gum, Hostess Cupcakes and Snowballs, giant dill pickles, slices of boiled ham, ice cream Drumsticks and Dr. Pepper—depending on how much we found. We sometimes stuffed it all down our throats as we walked back home, often making ourselves sick.

We never told anyone. It was our secret. A secret between sisters.”

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