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My Old Shoes

Thanks for all the sweet birthday wishes from all my “old shoes!” Love you all!

My Old Shoes

There’s just something wonderful about a brand new pair of shoes,
Wrapped in that rich scent of leather, burnished and smooth,
They’re fashionable and trendy with a fit snug and tight.
As I walk, others notice and I smile in confident delight.
Ah, life is good, endlessly stretched out before me…
I’m really something, me and my new shoes.

But time passes and a parade of shoes have shuffled in and out my door.
Some stayed, some went and still others lie forgotten on my closet floor.
And those who have walked full circle with me are only a precious few.
Comfortable, broken and mended…well past their days of looking new.

They have carried and comforted me along the dusty roads.
Danced, paced, ran and stumbled beneath life’s heavy loads.
Their worn, faded leather absorbed the cold sweat of my fears
As joys and sorrows, hopes and dreams unfolded through the years.

One day soon these old shoes and I will rest quietly, cold and still.
No more to dance, to dare, to dream, or remember the wintery chill
From those who never really knew how cautiously I’d stepped
Through the sullen shadows of my youth to a life so carefully kept.
With new shoes for the passing things, good for walks in sunshine.
But always my old shoes to stay the end course…steady, true and fine.

~from OF ROOTS, SHOES and RHYMES by CL GIllmore 2010~

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