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Slow Dancin’…Swayin to the Music

Excerpt from Uncommon Bond by C L Gillmore

a social media-based romance–

“I loved to slow dance with Jake. On slow dances with the band, he would set the lights, leave the lighting booth and lead me to the dance floor. He was such a good dancer. He knew how to hold a woman in his arms, where to put each hand, how to apply just the right amount of pressure to …lead her. To lead me. I remember fitting perfectly up against him, molding into his body as we danced. Feeling the effect I had on him as he pulled me closer. There was something about him. His manner, his touch, his sureness, the way he looked into my face. I knew I was safe with him. He would always keep me safe. He told me his mom taught him how to dance, but that his dad showed him how to hold and dance with a woman. I knew when he held me in his arms and we danced close together that he knew what to do with a woman’s body when he danced with her…with me. It was lovely…more than lovely.

Johnny Rivers – Swaying to the Music

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