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So close tonight



Excerpt from the novel, “A Friend Request,” by C L Gillmore

Jake replies to Rose’s text…

“Yes. So close tonight. Can feel you, smell you, taste you. Always in my thoughts.”

I slipped the cell phone back in my jacket pocket, started the truck, and pulled back onto Highway 20.

B. B. King and U2 rocked out to the bluesy, driving beat of “When Love Comes To Town,” on the radio. I cranked up the sound—drummed the beat on the steering wheel—and sped into the night. The miles clicked by, the rain stopped, and two and half hours later, I drove up the graveled driveway.

Home again. Home again. Jiggity-jig.

A remembered the sing-song rhyme my sons repeated upon returning home when they were little. Now I typed it in texts to Rose when I returned home from bus trips, movies, late night dinners, the bar… without her. Always wondering what it would be like to have her next to me… instead of alone… instead of with Beth.


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