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Soul, Save Me One More Time

photo by Alana 2011

Waves of sadness
And I am drowning.
Cannot catch my breath.
Soul, save me one more time.

Tears and brine at once
And I am slipping at sea.
Cannot see the crest anymore.

Life floats in pieces of wreckage above
And I watch with stinging eyes.
Cannot reach for a savior.

Beacon from shore is dark now.
And I am ready to give.
Cannot hold on to the breath of a dream.
Soul, save me one more time.

C L Gillmore, Copyright 2010

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One Response to Soul, Save Me One More Time

  • Debbie says:

    The first time I read this poem “Soul, Save Me One More Time”, I wondered how someone could put into words what I could not verbalize but had lived through. I then had my husband read it and I am sure he now understands another side of me that he was unable to grasp before. Thank you for being my voice when I couldn’t find the words.

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