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Sunday mornings in small midwest towns

My heart and mind are full this morning. There’s just something about Sunday mornings in small Midwest towns. Most businesses are closed and families walk to church down Maple and Oak canopied, Mayberry-like streets…lined with distinctive houses where the American flag flies proudly, flower-filled urns flank gingerbread trimmed porches and individualized mailboxes line the curb. I know inside one of these homes is an Aunt Bea cooking bacon, eggs and oatmeal for an Andie and Opie. Now I know why that program was so popular…it actually WAS true. Hollywood just thought it was a myth and happened to get it right for once. Appropriate for time-travelers like me and Dorothy and Toto, too who will soon be sucked back up into the vortex and carried back some place to the West…”and my spirit is crying for leaving.”

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