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I’m amazed when I stop to think about key people in my life

Life is becoming more complicated

I’m amazed when I stop to think about key people in my life,
And how they’ve always seemed to be there over the years.
When I’ve been afraid or lost my way,
someone was always there
Crossing my path, extending a hand,
in good times and in strife.

Things progressed at school with the program.  I thought more seriously about retirement.  And the affair between Jake and me intensified.  My life was becoming more and more complicated with each passing day.

Excerpt from the novel Uncommon Bond by CL Gillmore

The Muscatine Journal Features C.L. Gillmore ~ Returning to Her Roots


MUSCATINE, Iowa – An author’s bond with her past prose helped forge her role as a professional wordsmith. Now, she’s returning home to Muscatine to reconnect with friends and family – including one friend who might just bring back a flood of memories.

When Cheryl Gillmore Kobel returns to Muscatine for her 45th class reunion, her classmates can read about what she’s been up to – under her pen name of C.L. Gillmore.

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