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Thank you for supporting my journey…

I wanted to thank all of those who attended the book signing at Changing Hands on Monday evening. It was a lovely evening and I appreciate those of you who continue to support me in this journey.


“Musicians, artists, authors, poets…whatever your tool of choice…the journey becomes a creative process. Musicians use notes and rhythm to convey emotion. Artists use pastels and oils and mixed media to communicate emotion. Poets and authors use the well-chosen word and perfect turn of phrase to evoke emotion.


And in the end we all draw from our memories, our experiences…from people and places…and from our hopes and dreams for the future to bring about the creative process that becomes a haunting melody, a beautiful painting, a reflective book of poetry or a romantic novel…  along our life’s journey.” ~ C. L. Gillmore 9/26/2011

America – A Horse With No Name