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asparagus picking

Asparagus picking…

~Excerpt from “Childhood Sanctuary” by C L Gillmore

“Five large stepping-stones lead from the trumpet vine down a gentle slope  to the neighbor’s yard. The stones are rough and uneven beneath my bare  feet as I jump on each one and count—one, two, three, four, five—making sure I bring both feet together on each step. Jump down, count and back up. Jump down, count and back up.

That’s the only rule for this game. A simple game that only takes one to play. Me.

Next to the stone steps, mixed in with the tall grass, lavender blue bells, yellow dandelions and blue Sweet Williams are hundreds of asparagus shoots poking up through the ground like little green soldiers snapped to attention.

When the asparagus is just right, Grandma points to the ones that are ready with one hand, while opening and closing her gathered apron skirt with the other. I bend and snap the stalks close to the ground and then carefully drop each one into her out-stretched apron. She points. I snap and drop. We do this together until her apron is filled with asparagus.

These are the rules for asparagus picking. I like this game better than jumping the stepping-stones because it takes two… Grandma and me.”