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My hopes and dreams for myself became entwined

You made my life change

Defying time and explanation, her closed
front door has opened
To the past, the present, the future where dreams
have the chance to mend.
Dreams that help her heart to heal and
allow her soul to soar
By allowing time to temper, to bend and
grant her hope again.
How could she not have noticed these
wondrous days before?

I was a wife, a mother, a teacher, and that is where my attention had been all this time.  My hopes and dreams for myself became entwined with the hopes and dreams of others. My aspirations died a slow and painless death that went unnoticed, especially by me.  But now suddenly things had changed.  I changed and it was because someone was interested in me again.  And that someone was a part of all those things, including my hopes and dreams that made me who I was, who I am.

Excerpt from the novel Uncommon Bond by CL Gillmore.