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beautiful boy

Beautiful Fair-haired Boy

Woke up thinking about my friend who lost her son…

Beautiful Fair-Haired Boy
“Come, it’s your turn now,” gesturing down with his out-stretched hand.
“But I’m afraid…I’m not ready. Is there someone who will understand?”
“A caring, compassionate woman…your mother awaits you there.
And unto to her I will entrust your tender, loving care…
My beautiful, fair-haired boy.

Your sweet mother will be patient, long-suffering and strong.
She will keep you steady, constant and urge you ever along.
Though deep within her mother’s heart she will always know
Your life’s journey may be short and you will someday go…
Beautiful, fair-haired boy.”

On God’s advice the spirit boy arrived inside his mother.
Bringing the energy of his fragile soul, dependent like no other.
And though they struggled side by side, this mother and her boy
For her he became God’s blessing, a gift of bittersweet joy…
Her beautiful, fair-haired boy.

The mother now looks upward and extends her out-stretched hand…
“Our journey now is over, unexpectedly as it once began.
I held him close and loved him deep…he did the same in his own way.
And as his hand slips from mine, now within Your arms he’ll lay.
Our beautiful, fair-haired boy.”

Beautiful, Fair-Haired Boy from OF ROOTS, SHOES and RHYMES by CL Gillmore 

This poem is copywrited by CL Gillmore 2011