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book signing

CL Gillmore to attend a book club event.

“The Des Moines’ 7th Best Book Club” of Des Moines, Iowa will feature author C. L. Gillmore at their September book club meeting.

Monday, September 10, 2012
Meet and greet from 7:00 – 9:00 P.M.

Smokey Row Coffee Co.
1910 Cottage Grove, Des Moines, IA 50314 * Phone: 515-244-2611

Please RSVP to Leigh Ebbesmeyer at 515-210-6158.

Through all the years, the scent of new still lingers.

It was May 1967 in my small hometown of Muscatine, Iowa–a time you dream about, plan for and that everything seems to lead up to–senior year, last day of high school.

I cleaned out my locker, closed it and worked the combination one last time–16-4-36–then had a final conversation and hug with Bob Wiese, whose locker was next to mine. I walked down the hallway and up the steps–pausing for a brief good-bye with Mr. Robinson, my favorite teacher–and then exited through the large double front doors and down the four concrete front steps for the very last time.

Later that day I sat in the Maid-Rite–chomping on a greasy burger and sipping a strawberry shake–with Paul Sehnert, Dan Bloomer and Kay Ruekert–long time high school friends. We laughed, reminisced, signed one another’s yearbooks and talked about the future–mostly college and jobs. I marveled at their plans and wondered where my life would take me. That was 45 years ago when we were all eighteen years old. We saw each other briefly that summer but then lost track. Someone told me Dan passed away a few years after high school.

The weekend of August 24th, 2012 I will once again find myself in the company of many of my former classmates as we celebrate the 45-year reunion of the Class of 1967. We will laugh and reminisce about those youthful years in the late 1960s. We will attempt to catch up on 45 years of where our futures led us. And we will remember in spirit the young friends we left behind…forever captured in time on the pages of the MHS Auroran Yearbook.

“Best of luck, have fun, be good and always remember me…”


New Video – Meet C.L. Gillmore

C. L. Gillmore, author and poet, telling stories about life and love.

View Here

Book signing today…amazing.

“There were deep secrets, hidden in my heart, never said for fear others would scoff or sneer. At last I can reveal my sufferings, for the strength I once felt in silence has lost all its power.”– Deidra Sarault

Depths of Matchless Recall

The human mind…amazing…a truly magnificent creation.

Godly by design, with depths of matchless recall…a sensual saturation.


I can close my eyes, clear my mind of all the collective clutter.

Then let my weary soul lift up on wings that quietly flutter

Back through time so effortlessly to nearly forgotten places

To treasured friends and bittersweet lovers, now cherished, ageless faces.


Again we are caught up in time…youthful, wild and free.

Together we laugh, we dare, we love…unafraid to simply be.

It might have been just circumstance…the music, or just the time.

Whatever it was, it has become a most lovely memory of mine.


And sometimes, oh so quietly, that memory comes along

A certain sound, a smell, a touch…the words of a familiar song.

Then time dissolves, and there we are wrapped in youthful passion

Intense emotions, feelings so tender, embrace me with obsession.


In my youth I was a dreamer…imagination my best friend.

My mind could safely take me places and bring me back again.

Now all those places of my youth have become sweet memories.

I hold them close within my heart and cherish each one tenderly.


The human mind…amazing…a truly magnificent creation.

Godly by design, with depths of matchless recall…a sensual saturation.

By C. L. Gillmore, Copyright 2010

Small Town by John Mellencamp

Local Author C. L. Gillmore Signing Books at Changing Hands Book Store

C. L. Gillmore will be at Changing Hands Book Store to sign copies of her novel, Uncommon Bond and her book of poetry called Of Roots, Shoes and Rhymes.

09.22.2011– C. L. Gillmore welcomes the public to a book signing and reception at Changing Hands Book Store on Monday, September 26, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. Changing Hands is located at 6428 S. McClintock, Tempe, AZ 85283. Refreshments will be served.

C. L. Gillmore’s novel about passion, love and longing takes the reader into the conflicting realms of the forbidden and the exciting. Uncommon Bond pulls back the curtain on Rose and Jake, two people who reconnect through Facebook after nearly 40 years of separate lives.

The sequel is underway with a working title A Friend Request. The book features more adventures in romance with Jake and Rose.

Gillmore is a retired special education teacher for whom writing has always been an important part of life. “My second grade teacher was a big influence,” Gillmore says. “She was instructive and encouraging and made me love putting my thoughts on paper.”

Fascinated with Facebook, texting and chat, Gillmore was able to weave a great story about baby boomers living and loving in a high tech romance. Each chapter starts with a poem penned by Rose to convey feelings sparked by “talking” with Jake.

The 28 poems are also featured in Gillmore’s first poetry book called Of Roots, Shoes and Rhymes. The poetry covers Gillmore’s life experiences from pain in childhood through true friendships in young adulthood to a career in service to the most special kinds of children.

The Arizona Author’s Association has selected C. L. Gillmore’s poetry collection Of Roots, Shoes & Rhymes as a finalist in their 2011 Literary Contest. The final places will be announced at the banquet and awards presentation on November 5.

Gillmore collaborated with Kathryn Henneman for the cover art and full-color interior pages of the book. Henneman, a renowned abstract expressionist, devoted two original paintings to the project.

“So many people supported and encouraged me in this new phase of life,” Gillmore says. “I am excited to be in print and living my dreams. My next novel is just the second in a long list I have in my head.”

A transplant from Muscatine, Iowa, Gillmore resides in Surprise, Arizona with her husband Mike. She has two adult children and five grandchildren. She is writing another novel sure to please her growing fan base.

The novel, poetry book and audio CD of Gillmore’s poetry reading are available on her website, The books are also available on Amazon in print and Kindle format.

Book signings and other events with the author are listed on the author’s website: For further information, contact Deborah Brown at 623-824-2727.



Artists Featured at Art Show

On the evening of July 8 I attended an art show opening in Phoenix at the Dearing Acting Studio hosted by Matt and Leeanne Dearing. They were such gracious hosts and their studio was a perfect venue to showcase many talented artists, a jeweler, an author, musicians and photographers. Two of the artists, Igor Brezhnev and Kathryn Henneman had their art on display. Kathryn created the cover and interior art work and Igor did the graphic design and formatting for my poetry book, Of Roots, Shoes and Rhymes.

The studio reception area was bright and welcoming and led into a hallway that opened onto several separate rooms, including a theater, complete with theater chairs and a stage. The walls of the hallway and each room showcased each featured artist’s individual work. Jewelry, books and CDs were conveniently arranged on table displays. One of the larger back rooms was used as the hospitality room where even the food and drinks were artfully displayed…but soon gobbled up!

It was a lovely evening and I met with new artists, chatted with old friends, made some great new friends and networked…as I sipped a cool drink and munched on delicious refreshments. Who could ask for a better evening out?