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Where is home for a bumblebee?

~Excerpt from “Childhood Sanctuary” by C L Gillmore

Next to the porch steps is Grandpa’s rock garden where red, yellow, pink and deep purple tulips nestle amid orange and yellow daylilies. Grandpa has all different shapes, sizes and colors of rocks that he and Grandma collected. I love to sit next to him and listen to the stories about where the rocks came from. The two, big sparkly rocks in the corner are from Grandma’s backyard in Minnesota the day they got married. Grandpa says Grandma was ‘pretty as a picture’ with her long, dark hair tied up with ribbons and flowers that day. Her hair is white now…so is Grandpa’s. I wonder how long it takes for your hair to turn white?

The rock garden is the favorite gathering place for black and yellow bumblebees to “bumble” around. Grandpa catches one for me inside a blue Mason jar and quickly replaces the lid. He holds it to my ear. I can hear the bumblebee buzzing and flying against the sides. We watch it for a few minutes and then Grandpa unscrews the jar lid and sets it free—free to fly back home. Where is home for a bumblebee?