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carl sandberg

Spring has sprung

CL Gillmore

Excerpt from “A Friend Request,” by C L Gillmore. Spring has sprung and Jake is checking out the lake…

I drove down by the lake after the morning bus run and pulled the truck next to the shelter house, facing the dock.

The water was smooth as glass…blue sky and slowly drifting clouds reflected on the surface. The ice was finally gone. There were two pair of Northern Shovelers aka Smiling Mallards paddling out near the middle.

I rolled the window down. It was chilly, only in the 40s. But today felt like spring…smelled like spring. The sun was warm…toasty.

Past winters seemed longer, colder than I remembered. But this one was different, the days not as long, the cold not as bitter. I knew the reason—”an old man in love is a flower in winter”—Carl Sandberg, American Lit Class, 101.

Yep. Carl knew. Love at my age was rare…precious.

I slid the seat back, unzipped my sweatshirt, closed my eyes and napped—in the sunshine—like an old dog.