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Chapters yet to unfold…

As I thumbed through several of my poems this morning, looking for just the right words to begin this month’s newsletter, I came across the final lines to “The Novel”.

A page turned, new chapters begin. The sequel yet to unfold.

It’s been well over a year since I wrote the words to that particular poem and I find those words have now taken on a deeper, richer meaning for me. It’s one of those amazing properties about words that I love…their meanings shift and change over time just as our lives do.

Our lives give us the opportunity to turn pages, start new chapters and begin sequels that unfold before us continually. It happens suddenly sometimes. But mostly it happens gradually over time without us even noticing…until we step back and see where we’ve been, where we are…and how very far we’ve traveled to get there.

With these turning pages and additional chapters come opportunities, experiences and lovely new people that add to our yet unfolding sequel. Some of these people will appear briefly, while others will become lasting characters in our life story…and perhaps, we in their life story.

Never forgotten and never to end. Images etched on each soul.

I want to keep turning pages and adding additional chapters and characters in my sequel for as long as I am able. I want to continue to write the words. And to do this I realize I must be open, accepting and positive to every opportunity and experience that comes my way.

We all have pages, chapters and sequels yet to write before our story is complete. Be open to every amazing possibility!

My very best to you,