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child sanctuary

Childhood Sanctuary

The narrow sidewalk branches off and leads to the small open front porch that faces the front yard. Grandpa’s weathered wooden bench is nestled off to one side. The bench creaks as I sit down, turn and settle back against the armrest and stretch my legs out along the length of the well-worn seat.  Planted next to the porch, just behind the bench is a climbing rose bush that encloses everything in bright crimson flowers. Opposite the bench, the stained glass bathroom window catches the sunlight and casts shimmering bands of red, purple, yellow and green over the entire porch. This is one of my very favorite places…shady, quiet and secluded.  It is a castle where the Princess lives and waits for her Prince Charming. It is the bunkhouse of the Double RR Bar Ranch where the little cowgirl rides horses with Roy Rogers.  It is the Song Bird piloted by Sky King that flies Penny, Clipper and co-pilot girl to the West where Disneyland awaits.  It is the hideout of spy girl who sends secret flashlight codes at night to barges on the Mississippi keeping them safe from pirates. It is a place that only dreamers can find.

–part of an essay Childhood Sanctuary by C. L. Gillmore, Copyright 2011

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