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children’s vocabulary

How’s that whistling going for you

CL Gillmore


Saturdays are spent looking for garage sales with the grand kids. This week we had Emmi and Dillon with us. Emmi, age 4, is known for her “one-liners” and large vocabulary. As we were heading back home, we heard her practicing her non-existent whistling skills from the backseat.

I asked, “Emmi, how’s that whistling going for you?”

She answered, “Well, it’s not going very well so far.”

Meanwhile, her dad, Aaron, tried to explain something to her little brother, Dillon. Of course, Dillon didn’t understand but Emmi knew the problem.

She looked over at her dad and said, “Daddy, you need to stop being so obtuse!”

Next week we’ll work on the word “plethora” and see how that goes. Probably not very well.