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Its about your perspective…

Some mornings on my walk, I notice all the lovely things around me—puffy white clouds line dancing against an azure sky, green lawns and carefully manicured yards, colorful flowering plants and lacy leafed trees on the greenbelt. I hear birds singing and chirping, honeybees buzzing and the sound of rapidly beating wings from a passing hummingbird.

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“What difference does it make how I am treated by life? My real life is within.”

-Angela L. Wozniak

Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now (Live, 1970)

A Special Symphony

For over 25 years I had the pleasure of walking into my classroom and being greeted by the most special children.  As this school year begins without me I am filled with precious memories of dedicated colleagues and these sweet children.  I wrote “A Special Symphony” during the last week of my career as a special education teacher last year.  The video entitled, “She’s With Me” by Collin Raye touches my heart each time I watch it and listen to the words.  She represents each child I’ve had the pleasure to teach…

A Special Symphony


If I could place one single note
On a magical musical staff
To represent each precious child
I’ve had the pleasure to teach.
I’d create the loveliest symphony
Forever on their behalf
And fill the air with wonder and joy
As far as the music would reach.

I’d arrange it in the key of C
For courage to remind us all
That God is ever mindful of them
And the daily struggles they face.
Then I’d set it in three quarter time
And waltz at the wheelchair ball
As little ones spin and tiptoe twirl
Dancing in elegant grace.

A pure and simple melody line
Composed of notes from the soul
Would fill the earth with peace and love
For all His children everywhere.
That they may live with hope today
As they strive to reach each goal
Becoming part of the symphony
That floats on the wind as prayer.

Collin Raye – “She’s With Me

–C L Gillmore, Copyright 2011

Depths of Matchless Recall

I’ve been reading the FB chatter back and forth this week among old friends as plans for our 45-year class reunion begin. Wow! That is really a hard concept to grasp! When I picture these high school friends in my mind…I see them at age 17 or 18 leaning against their lockers, chatting with friends in the hallways.  Their images are frozen in time. The concept of time was so different at age 17 or 18.  Actually we really had no concept of time or where it would eventually take us at that point.  We were all just anxious to step into our lives…with the key word being “anxious” I think.  And now here we all are in our 60s with much of our lives behind us…but with still much of it yet to unfold…

Depths of Matchless Recall

The human mind…amazing…a truly magnificent creation.
Godly by design, with depths of matchless recall…a sensual saturation.

I can close my eyes, clear my mind of all the collective clutter.
Then let my weary soul lift up on wings that quietly flutter
Back through time so effortlessly to nearly forgotten places
To treasured friends and bittersweet lovers, now cherished, ageless faces.

Again we are caught up in time…youthful, wild and free.
Together we laugh, we dare, we love…unafraid to simply be.
It might have been just circumstance…the music, or just the time.
Whatever it was, it has become a most lovely memory of mine.

And sometimes, oh so quietly, that memory comes along
A certain sound, a smell, a touch…the words of a familiar song.
Then time dissolves, and there we are wrapped in youthful passion
Intense emotions, feelings so tender, embrace me with obsession.

In my youth I was a dreamer…imagination my best friend.
My mind could safely take me places and bring me back again.
Now all those places of my youth have become sweet memories.
I hold them close within my heart and cherish each one tenderly.

The human mind…amazing…a truly magnificent creation.
Godly by design, with depths of matchless recall…a sensual saturation.

–CL Gillmore Copyright 2011

When I’m Sixy-Four – The Beatles