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death and loss

Alone with no spark of creativity left

CL Gillmore


Excerpt from the novel, “A Friend Request,” by C L Gillmore

“I sat in front of the computer and stared out the office window. I’d looked out this same window many times over the years. Today was windy…cold. Deceiving. The sky a beautiful blue punctuated with white puffy clouds rolling quietly toward the purple Sandia Mountains.

Strange how one day, one year you look out the same window at the same blue sky and feel happy, creative and loved—yet another day, another year you feel empty, alone with no spark of creativity left.

Time. Isn’t that what Molly said? It takes time to uncover the layers. Time to take those baby steps back. Time to heal.

I wonder when and if that ever happens? A death. A loss. A betrayal. The end of a friendship. Do you ever heal? Do you ever forget? Or do you somehow simply find the strength to pick up your life and go on again?”