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Do you Know I’m in Here?

I watch as you walk by me
Looking, but not really seeing.
I listen as you talk around me
Speaking, but not really conversing.
I can feel your touch on me
Patting, but not really connecting.
Do you know I’m in here?


I need you to stop and look at me
See the person inside.
I need you to talk then listen to me
I have something to say.
But most of all I need you to touch me
I need to feel your love
And know that I am in here.

–By C L Gillmore from “Of Roots, Shoes and Rhymes”
Copyright 2011

I’m Looking Through You

Moths and Butterflies…

The brighter your light, the more you attract…everything.
Moths and butterflies.
At which point you begin learning what to celebrate and what to let fly on by.