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gabriels angels

Kissed by an Angel

Yesterday afternoon 45+ Super Sisterhood Women gathered at Gabriel’s Angel Foundation. The foundation provides opportunities for service dogs and their owners, to build trust and self-esteem for abused and troubled children and teens…. …Pam Gaber, Gabriel’s Founder, is passionate about the work, the dogs, and the children. It was an honor to host Gabriel’s Angel Foundation this month as our charity of choice. Thank you Pam and all your “angels!” I hope you’ll check out all the wonderful album pictures from Sunday!!

Visit their website at

Kissed by an “angel!”

Sisterhood of Super Women to Sponsor Gabriel’s Angels

The January luncheon of The Sisterhood of Super Women will be hosting their January luncheon at Gabriel’s Angels on January 15th from 12 – 2:00 p.m.

1550 E. Maryland, Suite 1, Phoenix, Arizona 85014

The luncheon is $15 per person and all women are invited.  The luncheon will be catered by the Glendale restaurant  “Kiss the Cook”

The proceeds from the luncheon will go towards Gabriel’s Angels and the Sisterhood of Super Women.

The following is an additional “Wish List” that Gabriel’s Angels could utilize at this time of year.

Wish List

Groupings are in order of greatest need

Therapy Team Activity Kits
Small Paw Print Stamp
Stamp Pads (color)
Hand Size Stamp Pads
Plain White Bandanas (or cloth napkins)
Fabric Paint or Fabric Markers (Non-Toxic)
Plain White Postcards or Greeting Cards with Envelopes
Good Job, Praise, Hearts Stars, Dog Specific
Beanie Stuffed Toys (small)
Small Brag Books (photo album)
Polaroid Film for Pogo Camera
Dog Breed Books

Office Supplies
Copy Paper
9 x 12 Mailing Envelopes
Manila File Folders
Kodak Photo Paper
Volunteer Recognition Awards
Award/Trophy Services
Printing Services
Venue for Annual Volunteer Appreciation Event

Event Donations
Bottled Water
Raffle Items
10 x 10 Canopies

Office/Audio Equipment
LCD Projector

We look forward to seeing you all there and getting the chance to visit their beautiful facility and hear all that they do for our community.