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getting wiser

Reflecting on getting older

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~Excerpt from “A Friend Request,” sequel novel to Uncommon Bond by C. L. Gillmore

Rose reflects on getting older…

The aging process occurs so gradually over time, you never realize it’s happening. I was twenty-something and now I’m sixty-something. When did the bag boy at the grocery store stop looking down my blouse and start calling me Ma’am? When did men stop turning their heads to look at my legs when I walked into a room? I couldn’t remember either…but I knew it happened.

I wondered…do you really get wiser with age or is that adage just words perpetuated from one generation to the next?

Was I wiser now than when I was younger?  Or was I making the same mistakes…once…twice…three times over? I knew the answers already.

Over the past two years, I’d written thousands of poignant, romantic, thought-provoking words into sentences and paragraphs, stories and rhymes mostly related to people and places and matters of the heart from my much younger past.

Have I learned anything new about myself since then that’s made me wiser?

Yes on the new…no on the wiser.

I learned a lifetime goes by in the blink of an eye. And during that blink, your children grow up, your parents die…but you basically remain the same inside. It’s the outside you that changes.

And the romantic, fanciful woman’s heart within?  Well, it continues overruling the logical, compulsive brain when it comes to love.

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