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grape jelly glasses

Both glasses were filled to the brim with memories

grape jelly glasses

Filled with memories

Excerpt from the novel “A Friend Request” by C L Gillmore

“I loved the galley kitchen in our new apartment. It was small and convenient. Perfect for Karen and me.

I opened and closed the refrigerator door, looked inside the dishwasher, ra

n my hand over the top of the electric stove, then turned the water on and tried the spray attachment. Cool.

Next I opened the wooden cabinet door above the sink. There on the bottom shelf was my Grandpa and Grandma Allison’s Howdy Doody glasses I unpacked earlier this morning…a pink one and a yellow one.

Once they were filled with Welch’s grape jelly. Now I filled them regularly with chocolate milk and dunked my donuts in them each Saturday morning. The glasses made me happy and brought a smile to my face no matter how difficult the day might be.

Of all the things left me, those two glasses were the most precious.

I took the pink glass carefully from the shelf and held it in my hand, inspected it. Printed in white around the top was a musical staff and notes with the words, ‘HEY KIDS! DING DONG DELL! RING FOR WELCH’S YOU’LL LIKE IT SWELL.’ Printed in pink around the middle part of the glass was a train filled with characters—Howdy Doody, Clarabell and Princess Summerfall Winterspring—smiling and riding happily along.

Both glasses were filled to the brim with memories—of my grandpa and grandma, my dad, my mom—of my childhood.”