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memories from childhood

Excerpt from A Friend Request, sequel novel to Uncommon Bond

Excerpt from A Friend Request, sequel novel to Uncommon Bond~

Once a week, very early, sometimes before the sun was even up, the city garbage truck rattled down that alley with two ragtag men clinging on either side of the bumper in back. The men jumped down, banging the dented metal garbage cans and lids at each stop, and emptied the smelly contents into the awaiting truck. Then they hopped back on, pounded the side of the truck a couple of times with their fists and shouted to the driver who then rumbled on to the next stop, the next house down the alley.

As strange as it seemed, there was something comforting when I heard those noisy men and the garbage truck on that early morning route. Routine familiarity. Security in knowing that the night and the darkness were over and a new morning filled with light was beginning.

I felt a sense of relief in knowing I was safely through the night. Another night my friends kept me safe once again.

It’s interesting what a child remembers and what a child forgets, or tries to.