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You don’t have to nurture or treasure a child over a lifetime to be a mother.

CL Gillmore


You don’t have to nurture or treasure a child over a lifetime to be a mother. Sometimes if you are very lucky…one will step in to love and guide you when yours is called away.

“I’m amazed when I stop to think about key people in my life,
And how they’ve always seemed to be there over the years.
When I’ve been afraid or lost my way, someone was always there
Crossing my path, extending a hand, in good times and in strife.”

I wrote the poem, “My Gift to You,” a few years back. Part of the inspiration came from a special woman who selflessly stepped in to “mother” a motherless child…me.

“And then there they were, this mother and dad, reaching out to me.
Making me a part of a loving family as if they had heard my plea.”

Mothering a seventeen year old girl, carrying years and years of baggage, was not an easy task. I’m sure there were times when it would have been easier to let go of my hand, but she never did. For two short years…she comforted, encouraged, guided, taught, loved and mothered me. Those two years changed my life…saved my life.

It has been a privilege to send my thoughts and love in words and poems on Mother’s Day cards for the past forty-seven years…to Barbara Woodstra.

Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for letting me be one of your daughters. Cheryl

Violets in Clay Pots

My mom grew pink and purple violets
In clay pots on our windowsill.
Lovely, lacy single and double blossoms
With velvety leaves of forest green.
Graceful fingers pinched back dead flowers
With such practiced skill.
Coaxed the delicate plants to yield
The most beautiful blooms I‘d ever seen.
Daily she talked and sang to her violets
Touched and stroked them. Motherly.
That I could have been one of her violets
So she could have sung to me.

~ From Of Roots, Shoes and Rhymes by C L Gillmore